Q. Where is Buddy's Essential made

Buddy's Essential is made in the USA


Q. Do you stand behind your items

A. Please see our Refund Policy 


Q. Can I give my pet more softchews per day then what the label recommends?

A. No. If you think your pet needs more please contact your pets veterinarian .


Q. Can me pet take Glucosamine on a empty stomach

A. Not really. The softchews have a flavor in them so your pet will eat it but it is not food. Glucosamine can cause nausea or even vomiting if not administrated correctly. The best is to give your pet the supplement’s during or after meal time.


Q. Should my pet take supplement’s or traditional medicine?

A. Medicine is only a temporary blocks or masks the problem or symptoms. Supplements help to focus on the root of the problem and providing nutritional structure for your pet so stay healthy,unlike medicine that has side effects.